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The ACTION-1 handheld stabilization gimbal for the Sony ActionCAM with the most advanced technology gives you an outstanding performance for your photo and video shooting.
The 32bit technology with Triple-MCUs offers you a more powerful shooting experience than ever before.

Ergonomic lightweight handle manufactured of an aluminium alloy construction is equipped with an easy-to-use mode button and a 4-way joystick.  
The 3 axes of the gimbal consist of a CNC aluminium alloy construction, too, which ensures a massive, stable and reliable video shooting experience.

Whatever your passion, there's a GoPro mount that will help you to get the shot.
Mount your ACTION-1 to any of your gear or mount it on an extension pole at the ¼ (inch) screw hole at the bottom of the handle to capture an impressive footage of the moments that matter most.

The ACTION-1 is a master piece of engineering which combines an elegant design with high versatility and mobility.
It's the beginning of a new era of video shooting experience with your Action camera.

Compatible with:



HDR-AS200 with waterproof case

Key features:                                                                                                                           

l   Using newest 32bit Alexmos with Triple-MCU technology for a fast, precise, silent and stable performance

l   Aluminium CNC alloy construction

l   New Pilotfly High payload brushless motor within encoder technology.

l   Elegant design

l   Toolless operation

l   Main unit with hingle design, can easy to use in difference angle handle.

l   4-way joystick to adjust tilt and roll angle

l   Easy assembling and easy detachable from the handle

l   Li-Ion battery 18650 and 18350

l   Up to 8 hrs operation time (tested with 18350 Li-ion 900mAh

l   Main hinge compatible with all available GoPro mounts

l   High versatility ¼ (inch)screw hole on bottom of the handle

l   Built-in Bluetooth module to control the ACTION-1 via Android APP or remote control (Pilotfly Remote Control RM-1)

32bit gimbal control system                                                                                                   

  • * Extremely high accuracy and stability due to 32bit Triple-MCU Technology
  • * Temperature calibration supported to ensure high reliability under different working conditions
  • Support of 4 default modes – Follow mode, Pitch-lock mode, Head-lock and Roll Follow mode
  • Auto detect for Upside down mode.
  • * Support of 5 free configurable user modes selected via the “Mode” button
  • * 4 pre-configured modes
  • * Pitch and Roll angel can be controlled by the 4-way joystick
  • * Adaptive PID-algorithm to prevent vibrations
  • * Low Voltage Directive to protect the battery
  • * Sound alert for low voltage, mode change and calibration sequence
  • * Wireless remote via Bluetooth (Android OS)
  • * System configuration and Firmware upgrade via different platforms (Windows, MAC OS, Linux) possible

Package list                                                                                                                            

  •    ACTION-1 3axis Stabilizer
  •    Battery : 18350 Li-ion 900mAh x 3 (1set)
  •    External handle for 18650 battery.
  •    Accessories
  •    4 Bay Battery charger
  •    External connect cable
  •    Carrying case
  •    Manual
  •    warranty card

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In Stock & Discount Now .

FREE RM1 (Remote Control)