PILOTFLY H1SE 32bit Handheld 3axis Stabilizer

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The Pilotfly-H1SE handheld stabilization gimbal with the most advanced technology gives you an immersive experience for your photo and video shooting. The 32bit technology and the 2 IMU sensors offers you a more powerful shooting experience then ever before.

The ergonomic handle manufactured of engineering plastic has a built-in battery, equipped with an easy to use mode button and rock switch. The 3-axis of the gimbal consists of a CNC aluminium alloy construction which provides a massive, stable and reliable video experience. Our own developed brushless motors can support a payload up to 1500gram which provides the user a high flexibility of the camera & lens configuration. The Pilotfly-H1SE is a master piece of engineering with an elegant design, high versatility and mobility, which opens a new area of video shooting experience.

Key Features:

● Aluminum alloy CNC construction

● Elegant design and easy to adjust the center of gravity. All three axis (Pitch, Roll and Yaw) can be perfectly adjusted in just about 5 minutes.

●  Own developed brushless motor (Type 4108) with high payload

●  Built-in Li-Po battery with an capacity of 1800mAh

●  External battery can be easily plugged in to extend the video shooting time.

● High versatility by supporting a variety of cameras. 

      • Sony A7 series : A7 , A7S , A7II, A7R, A7RII , A7SII (FE 28mm, 35mm, 55mm , 28-70mm)
        Need with a Quickrelease plate or balance plate for FE24-70mmf4 , 16-35mmF4.
        NEX series , A6000, A5000
        RX100M3, RX100M4, RX10, RX10II 
      • Panasonic Lumix Series :GH4 , GH3 .GH2 ,G7,GM1, GX7 ,GX8,LX100 ..(20mm, 25mm , 12-35mmf2.8 ~ 14-140mm) 
      • BMPCC  
      • Canon 700D~760D, 60D,70D with light weight Lens,  EF40mm f2.8, 50mmF1.8
        EOS M , M2 , M3
      • Smartphone : Apple iphone 6 , 6+ ,Samsung Note3,4

32bit Gimbal control system

 Extremly high accuracy and stability due to two integrated IMU sensors.

● Temperature calibration supported to ensure high reliability under different working conditions.

● Support of 5 default modes - 
  1. Follow mode, 
  2. Pitch-lock mode,
  3. Head-lock mode
  4. Flying mode (Follow Roll mode)
  5. Invert mode
 (auto detection)

● User-written scripting Language - shooting panoramas , Take photos for Time Lapse. 

● 5 User-configurable modes of system operation with a toggle button.

● Pitch and Roll angle can control by slider button.

● Adaptive PID-algorithm for preventing vibrations.

● Low Voltage Directive to protect the battery.

● System beep sound alert for Low Voltage / Using mode change / Calibration.

● Wireless Remote control by Android APP (Bluetooh) , Bluetooth remote controller (coming soon)

● Possibility to manage the system on different platforms :Desktop systems: Windows, MacOS, Linux. The firmware of the controller is user upgradable (through the GUI). 


  ● 32bit Alexmos 3axis gimbal system with 2 IMU Sensor 

  ● Dimension: 353 x 196 x 78mm

  ● Weight: 870g

  ● Motor Load: 1.2kg

  ● Built in Battery: 14.8V 1800mAh

  ● Battery Duration: 1~2.5 Hours depend with the camera & lens weight

Package Includes:

  1 x PILOTFLY H1SE 3axis Stabilizer with in Battery

  1 x Smartphone holder

  1 x 16.8V Charger 100V~220V 

  1 x External battery cable (XT60)

  1 x Carrying Case 

  1 x Quickguilde .  

  1 x Warranty card

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PILOTFLY H1SE 32bit Handheld 3axis Stabilizer

PILOTFLY H1SE 32bit Handheld 3axis Stabilizer