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Pilotfly Adventurer v1.0.3 Firmware update:

1.0.3 Firmware and tool

  • Where can I get the latest SimpleBGC Software?
    --> The latest version of the SimpleBGC software can be downloaded from here:

    Apart from this you might need an additional USB to UART Driver which can be downloaded here:

    Windows driver

    Mac driver

IMPORTANT NOTE: The latest version (6.7.4) of driver for Windows may cause problems with delay in data transmission, visible as a big lag of the GUI. In this case, install version 6.7.2 of the driver, which had no such problems. Download version 6.7.2 driver.


  • Where can I find older SimpleBGC Software versions?
    --> Older SimpleBGC versions can be downloaded from here.


  • How can I pair my Remote RM-1B or my 2-Hand Holder Ver.3.0 with my Pilotfly Gimbal?
    --> Please follow the video tutorial below:


  • Can I use my Smartphone to remotely contorl the gimbal?
    --> Yes you can. The gimbal models H2-45, C45, T1 (from June 2017), H2 (from June 2017) can be remotely contorlled via iOS or Android App. Older Gimbal versions can be upgraded by request.


  • Where can I find the Smartphone App?
    --> Actual App can be downloaded form here.


  • How to balance my gimbal perfectly?
    --> Please watch the following video for a better understanding.


  • How can I activate or use the invert mode?
    --> All Pilotfly products are capable to detect automatically the invert mode. Just turn the handle around while gimbal is powered on. The gimbal detects automatically the invert mode and you are ready to go. All other profiles which can be selected via the Mode-button are working in the invert mode as well.
  • My gimbal is vibrating? What shall I do? Shall I do a reset?
    --> First of all do not make a reset of your gimbal, this will delete your individual profiles of your gimbal. Micro vibrations can be eliminated by changing the Filters in the Filter Tab. Before you do any changes please ensure you made a backup of your profiles!
  • Where can I find the serial no. of my gimbal?
    --> Serial no. of your gimbal can be read out via SimpleBGC Software. Establish connection with the gimbal and go to the tab "Upgrade" there you will find the serial no.
  • Gimbal is spinning around while powering on, what can I do to solve this?
    --> You might have mounted the fixation screw off the Roll axis on the wrong side. Please watch this 
    video to see this issue and how to solve it.
  • How can I upgrade my Firmware over the MAC OS? I always get an error message.
    You need to give execute permissions to this tool. Open the Terminal (Application/Utilities/Terminal), type "chmod u+x", space, then find GUI folder in the Finder, open "bin" directory, select stm32ld_mac file and drag-and-drop it inside the Terminal window - full path to a file will be inserted in the command line. Press "Enter" to execute this command. Please ensure that you select the right COM port with name "tty.SLAB.USBtoUART".
  • Incompatibility with MAC OS 10.13 "High Sierra"
    Always check that you have installed the latest version of the driver for a virtual COM port. You can download it by this link.

    There is a known problem with the MAC OS 10.13 "High Sierra" - it does not load driver automatically on demand. If you cannot find a COM port where board is connected, in the "Connection" list in the GUI, try to load the driver manually using the Terminal (go to Applications > Utilities > Terminal in Finder):

    sudo kextload -b com.silabs.driver.CP210xVCPDriver

    Then restart GUI and check the Connection list again.

    This problem will be solved later by new drivers.




Pilotfly-H2 program

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